Our goal is to provide athletes  with unparalleled dynamic programming for their specific training goals while delivering adaptive structure based off their individual responses.

MRV | Guide to Basic Strength Concepts


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Austin Dorotea

Meet Day Coach. Strength and Performance  Coach

BASc - Bachelor of Applied Science -University of Guelph 

2015-2018 (Present)uh Ontario Provincial Championships 

2018 Ontario Centrals Championships 

2016-2018 (Present) Canadian Championships

Over 13 years of training in Barbell Sports/ Strength Training, Coached 100+  over 5 year timeline 

I firmly believe that strength programming should resemble the individual differences that each case presents. It is crucial to fully examine every client and develop a comprehensive understanding of the weaknesses presented in their movement patterns for their desired goals. Key to having successful programming is not only applying understanding using scientifically proven principles but to also allow the client to have as much say as possible in the design to ensure that they are getting programming that is not only effective but enjoyable and fitting to their lifestyle. 

Bachelor of Applied Science

Matt Goldsmith

Meet Day Coach. Strength and Performance Coach.

BSc Biological Science - University of Guelph 

2018 IPF Classic World Championships, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2017 NAPF Bench Press Championships - Hamilton, Ontario - Team Canada Head Coach

2017 IPF Classic World Championships - Minsk, Belarus -Team Canada Coach.

2016 IPF Classic World Championships - Killeen, Texas - Team Canada Coach Intern.  

I firmly believe that training systems should be as dynamic as possible to allow for the assessment and application of various metrics and protocols. Throughout my career as a lifter and as a coach, as well as through my current degree I have gained an understanding of many variables that affect the training and performance of an athlete. Using these variables we will be able to implement solutions  and procedures for dealing with any training complication.

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