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MPS Quick Takes | Meet day Weigh ins

Weigh in timing:

The Weigh-in starts two hours before lifting. Weigh-ins will last 90 minutes. So if your session starts at 9am, your weigh-in should start at 730.

What do you need to bring?:

You will need a couple pieces of paperwork to weigh in. In Canada you will need your CPU membership as well as your completed CCES (WADA affiliate) acknowledgement. Along with these bring an ID, usually a driver’s license. If you are going to an international meet you will need your passport as well.

Secondly you will need to bring your opening attempts for each lift. I know it's 2022 but I will still remind you to put them in kilos. Some meets may have you submit your rack heights during weigh in as well. Because of this it is good practice to do rack heights before weighing in.

What if I miss weight or my weigh-in time?

If you miss weigh in you may weigh in again within the 90 minute window after all of the other lifters have been weighed in. If you are cutting weight and will need all the time you can get to rehydrate and eat, be sure to be present on time or early so you don't miss your first weigh-in slot. Many lifters and coaches have sabotaged themselves by missing weigh-ins.

You may be allowed to weigh-in after the 90 minute allocated time has expired if there are still lifters waiting to be weighed for the first time. In this case you would do your second weigh-in after the last person completes their first weigh in. There will likely be a list somewhere near the weigh in room that has the weigh-in order for that session for you to read.

Extra Weigh-in information:

Your coach can go into the weigh-in with you. Your coach can also sign for your openers and rack heights if need be. Technically you need to weigh-in wearing the underwear you plan on competing in. At some local meets this will likely be a non issue, but this is technically a rule that may surprise some people.

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